It Comes Naturally was founded for clients who want to team up with a trustworthy and dedicated wedding planning service on the road to their wedding day


We have built our business around celebrating life, love and human connection. We allow our clients to experience the same by taking the hard tasks off of their hands, using our expert industry knowledge to help them in any way possible


Quite simply, you hand the tough stuff over to us so that you can enjoy the build-up to what is going to be one of the most special days of your life – the last thing you want is to be stuck in a spiral of indecision, frustration and uncertainty when your journey should be filled with excitement, optimism and tons of happiness


We’re here to plan and facilitate your perfect wedding celebration, kicking off your life together in the best way possible… so let’s get started!


Wedding and Event Specialist 

My journey started well over 10 years ago. In 2013 I stood on the stairs of the Cape Town City Hall looking out over an endless crowd of people. Tens of thousands of adults and children moved through patches of brilliant sunlight to carefully place their gifts and tributes to the Late Nelson Mandela. The emotion and the sense of unity were palpable. I turned around and looked up at the very same spot where he addressed the nation after being released from prison with the most beautiful realization. I finally understood the deeper significance and intricacy that events have in our lives.


Our journey through life needs to be celebrated, and it is those celebrations that allow us to truly connect with others, to share our gratitude and, very simply, to express our love. Being a part of the organising committee for Madiba’s memorial event allowed me to experience one of the most powerful moments, and one that I will never forget because it has shaped my life.


Since that day I have experienced so many more beautiful moments on this journey of life that have deepened my understanding of human connection: the commitment to an incredible, supportive man on our own wedding day; the birth of our gorgeous little boy, feeling intense love fill my heart in that moment and every joyous moment since; the addition of a furry chocolate lab and the crazy lovable antics that have followed.


The next piece was founding It Comes Naturally, a company that is run on the very principles that I committed to back in 2013: joy, connection, integrity, loyalty, and kindness. My journey has come full circle and I celebrate that moment on the stairs through every single event we coordinate for our clients.

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